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Welcome to my little space on the interwebs. Feel free to peruse and learn something from the life adventures I’ve stumbled through.

Parmesan Chicken Wings

If I had to pick one recipe that my mom used to make to have as my last meal, it would be this one. The golden crispy, buttery, parmesan-y crust on the wings, with the touch of lemon juice and moist chicken just don't know until you've tried them...

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How To Wrap & Fry Filipino Lumpia

One of my favorite Filipino foods growing up was lumpia. This tasty little handheld roll encompasses all of the things you need in a savory on-the-go snack: light and crispy outside, hot veggie/meat mixture inside and that satisfying crunch every time you bite into...

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4 Financial Things I Wish I Knew at 21

When you reach your mid-30s and are wondering how you accumulated a large amount of student loan and credit card debt, you look back and wonder if you'd still be in this same place if high school/college/society had better prepared you for it. There are people out...

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